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The Return of Depression Economics and the Crisis of 2008

After Naked Economics, I asked my economics instructors and my economics-savvy friends for some more book recommendations.  Paul Krugman’s Depression Economics made all their lists (although several of them told me that they did not agree with his politics).   So now I’m a Paul Krugman fan.  His writing style (in both the book and in his prolific blog entries) is great and I think I understood most of what he was trying to explain, even with my entry-level economics background.  Depression Economics explains how the great economic crashes (both domestically and internationally) have occurred, what corrective steps were taken and how effective they were, and offers predictive analyses of what might happen in the future.  This new version of the book includes updated information on our economic crisis of 2008.  Pretty sobering stuff, but very interesting to read.

Krugman is a liberal and a Keynesian, and he writes a lot.    There lots of  folks who critique him and lots of folks who love him.  I don’t have the economic wherewith-all to discern which of all the postings in the blogosphere about him and his writings are pertinent and/or accurate.  So this time, knock yourself out and Google away.


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