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A World of Trouble: The White House and the Middle East–from the Cold War to the War on Terror

…If you’re looking for a well-written book on this very painful subject, A World of Trouble is a good place to start… […]


Summer One-liners

Since I haven’t taken the time to write even brief reviews of the books I’ve read over the last several months, here’s a list of them in roughly the order they were read. As, or if, reviews are added, they will link from this page.

Shut Up, I’m Talking – Gregory Levey. Very funny memoir […]


Promised Land, Crusader State

I picked up a copy of Walter A. McDougall’s Promised Land, Crusader State: The American Encounter with the World Since 1776 in 2007 at a used book store in DC’s Eastern Market. I read it this week because I wanted a quick review of the different ways that the US has dealt with the rest […]


Thinking in Time

I learned about Thinking in Time: The Uses of History for Decision-Makers by Richard E. Newstadt and Ernst R. May from AFSA’s recommended reading list when I started our book club last summer. I assume the text is still used in many college courses, because there are multiple copies available in several local used book […]



A friend from Nuevo Laredo recommended Fred Burton’s Ghost: Confessions of a Counterterrorism Agent last fall, then a neighbor lent it to me last week. I started it yesterday afternoon and finished it tonight after work. This was an interesting, if melodramatic, look at the creation of the State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service’s (DSS) Counterterrorism […]